12. 8. 21.

✿ My little things ✿

finally i have interest to posting on my blog, i dont have any idea what should i post, T^T gime me an idea please~
i have vacation!!! o\(^O^)/o  i'll post my vacation pics #maybe
my japanese friend will coma again >.<

now, i'll post my cute stuff, maybe you have, not really good stuff, but i like it (and for something to post lol)

my sticker for diary :)
stick pic with this sticker

 so colorful, :)

 example ;)

 my cute phone chain, i bought this 2 years ago, but i never used it, cek the shop http://www.seoulpicks.com/

diary sticker~ >.< so cute, i bought 3 packs :3

photo frame, hang it on the wall :3

my "hello seoul" diary book :3

 insadong map :D

shinee 2012 calendar
eerr, i'm not really fan of shinee,

 but i love onew~<3 br="br">

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  1. where to buy the seoul diary book??? >.<

    1. http://www.seoulpicks.com/
      i bought it 2 or 3 years ago, i don't know if they still have it, but you can find the other cute stuff^^


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