12. 4. 17.

✿Vintage Photo✿ #2 By Manika♡♡

Finally i can take a rest for 1 day after a long long long long days in Hospital,, and homework like in the hell,,,, even my lecturers known me as a "bad" student, they still gave me so much hws! 
 because still, i'm a student
so, when i have a litte-bit-time-for-resting.. i use to edit some pictures i have got from my friend's blog~ i love it so much,,, so i save the pictures(of course i should have her permission) and tada!
thank to MANIKA,,, if you wanna follow her blog, go to her blog~ here~ NIKA BLOG
She have a great blog, i loe her posts about tutorial and all goods she has upload..
if you wanna copy, you can but please take with full credit^^V
Pic by Manika
edited by naniosmile(follow me on Tumblr)

I love this one >.<

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  1. Thank you. I am very happy to know that you like my photos and my blog!!I also like your blog. Thank you dear <3

    1. yeah! i love your blog :3
      thank you~ thank you~ and thank for the pics <3

  2. good!! i love it~~ xD <3


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