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Big Gmarket Haul Coming!

Hello Bloggers
i want to tell you about great market in Korea :GMARKET!!! but i think you have know it, because Gmarket are really famous in Korea~b
ut first, i'm sorry with my "not-well-english"
i haven't took any pictures about my orders from Gmarket before, because i always bought CD's or Cosmetics every month, and too lazy to upload lol
so this is may be little bit late, i was order Bigbang 5th Mini Albums on Feb 28th, and WOW! 4 packets arrived in my House!

so this is it~
4 boxs!!!! yahoooo~~~ 2 packet for Bigbang!!
bigbang packets!!!
Bigbang unbox(?) lol
another box!!
another box again!
Bigbang!!! and my danbo lol

another Albums
Bigbang's Posters!!! so many, they folded it into 1 BIG FOLDED!!!! and its take 1 box
Bigbang cover
TOP cover~~~
GD cover~ 

unfortunately i didn't took a pictures for Daesung and seungri, because my friends has kidnapped(?) them so fast like a soom soom~~
i got 1 broken album

so many albums~~

hihihi my Danbo with Apple AC therapy from Baviphat!

I'll upload my order from March 19th~

 thank for reading~

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  1. wow!!! give me some!!! xD
    can you teach me how to order there?

    1. xD come here~
      simple, you can go to gmarket in english, ^^

    2. xD come here~
      simple, you can go to gmarket in english, ^^


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