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Daum Fan Cafe

may be so many fans have write about daum fan cafe on daum.net ( korean site) when i search for B.A.P signatured album (and i didn't got it ) i should log in to daum, and then i sign up ( if you want a tutorial how to sign up , you can ask me but i think you can make it because more easier then cyworld)so i sign up and then found that an official cafe fan there and because B1A4 will release their album, so B1A4 be number 1 fancafe and then B.A.P!!!

you can join in any fan cafeyou want, i have join with B.A.P, B2st, and some games

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  1. btw how to join fan cafe..
    honestly i dunno what to do to join the fancafe.
    but i already make an account in daum.
    can u help me?


Please your comment here~~^^