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Iphone and Samsung Galaxy Wallpaper

ok, this is my last post, because it too late for me to sleep lol
wallpaper~~!!! 짱!! i found those wallpaper on cafe naver~

Iphone wallpaper

Galaxy Wallpaper

♡Ulzzang Hairstyle♡

I'am an Owl
i can't sleep if the time not over 12pm!
today I tried to sleep early, at 9 pm, but still,,, I CAN"T!!!! end up i wake up and just stay in my bed, so i open my blog again, and keep blogging,  this kinda make me stressful. and stress look at my eyes in the morning, what should i call? panda? ㅋㅋㅋ
and so stress when i remember i'm alone now(who care? ) i had broken up with my bf,, so i'm alone now, little bit envious with my friends~ ah~ nevermind~~ i can find the new oneㅋㅋㅋ

hmm, I'm confused what should i post .. ulzzang? wallpaper? or make-up tutorial (but I'm not an expert, just like watching it on youtube i have subcribe beautifymeeh now, this is her blog: beautifymeeh i hope you enjoy her video tutorial and she have handsome Korean husband and she ever met with 2PM and Wonder Girls

 while I'm write this I'm also looking for ulzzang's hair models/hairstyle (why do almost all my post theme are all about ulzzang today? ) and i search it in naver or daum, not in google because too much chinesse ulzzang(no offense they look fake, too much make up and photoshop lol they look like doll, yeah, but some of them totally fake)

so this is some of hairstyle that i got from naver.. its look alike, just curl it, you can check JungSaemMool's Channel on youtube, there're some awesome hairstyle

i like her hairstyle(because i have short hair now ㅋㅋㅋ)

어머!!! with taejun?? >.<

simple hairstyle, love it ♡

boyish but still cute♡

Ulzzang Make-Up Tutorial part 2

find their make up tutorial by ulzzang pony part 2

and you can follow Jung Saem Mool Channel on Youtube, she's a make up artist, she really have a great trick on make up subscribe Jungsaemmool's channel