11. 12. 26.


Here.... again...
i can't sleep as well
do you have any suggestion how can i sleep well and not late???
hmm, i'm confused what should i write, and i decide to posting about my new toy, danbo~
i bought last month or 2 months ago(forgot) but not the original one ( TO EXPENSIVE!!!!  )
so i bought the not original (made in china of course) he can't move the join freely like the original, just front and back, and the leg really stiff 
but i have a good memory with him(응? ) ㅋㅋㅋ
in this new year my friend from Japan will coming here he promise to give me the original danbo~ 아아아아~~앙~~~ 행복해~~
this is some pictures i have taken with my little danbo~
remember bcuz of my new system of my blog, if you wanna save this image you can't right click them, you should left click first, and then right click the picture, right click again, cek the box and then "ok" and then you can save the image thank you for your patient ~

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