11. 9. 28.

Korean Ulzzang

do you like ulzzang??? actually i don't really like them, but since they are really cute and have a nice shot, so i start to love them.. kkk
I don't like chinese ulzzang, because they more like fake then the korean ulzzang, because most of korean ulzzang are models..
check more pics for ulzzang that i like love0012 Free Emoticons   Love

 Park Tae Jun love0010 Free Emoticons   Love
 the cute, Hong Young gi

you can download more picture here
if you like it, i'll post more

View 240*320 on Shareapic.net

View 240*320 on Shareapic.net

11. 9. 26.

Shopping(?) in Import (Korean for me) mart

yesterday i was shopping in korean mart,, not a korean mart actually, import mart maybe ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
because i didn't have much money its 25th so my money is reallyyyyyy thin(?) ㅋㅋ
i bought Ice cream, candy(love candy), alcohol chocolate, coffee, and fish skin.

the ice cream little bit big..
난? ㅋㅋㅋ
안녕~ 난 아이스 크림입니다~ ㅋㅋ

 liqueur chocolate.. me and my friend little bit stress yesterday, and she bought this chocolate, little bit expensive for last-month-money,, ㅋㅋ
but the taste not really like liqueur, actually she want to get drunk using liqueur chocolate =___= bu the alcohol just 5% +___+ ckck

 C' Lemon candy.. i like it >.<
really cheap and nice for our body(?)

 i like coffee, but not for this one.. hazelnut coffee, but the coffee i'm not recommended =___=

11. 9. 14.

Heel Shoes From Korea

Bought Some new Shoes from Korea i bought 2 shoes, I use one of them, and sell the other one.. this is the shoes look like

New Korean Wallpaper 400*240

no need to read my so boring some story about myself.. kkk you can jump to main post feel so boring and confusing and angry!!!!! boring because start to raining here, so i just stay at home
and confusing because of my thesis
and angry because i purchased for U-kiss album on Gmarket but they didn't include my poster!!!! so frustrating, they did the same with my previous order.. they didn't include my poster for super junior 5th type A album and super junior M, even the super junior 5th type A the poster for free but i have paid for super junior M album!!!!
so, enough for my story here the new pictures.. enjoy~
and my honey... kkkkkk >.<