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I'm Back!! and more Wonderfull Photo-Retro~

Hello~~~ >.<
long time haven't open my blog, and wow!! thank you for following my blog~ i'll try hard to write and post again ^^

Long time i haven't write or posting pictures actually =___=..
because of that f**kin robber, my laptop gone and my save T___T

wanna heard some news from me??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (how care?? ckckck)
talk to myself: at this time, i like to watching korean movie(why you're so late???!!) yeah, i know many people love korean drama, but i'm not fans of korean drama, so i'm not temporaly watch them, but,,,, now i like them (not all of them ofcourse)!!!!

i'm busy working to help my doctor, and my thesis!! aisshh. so crazy thinking about my thesis, my thesis tittle has been rejected =____=

ok, why i talk nonsense...?
let's start with new pictures i have found, i wouldn't post any korean photo/pictures for awhile since all of them save on my lovely-old-laptop-which-has-been-robbed...
so, i'll post whatever i found ^^

enjoy it......

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