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Cute Samsung S5230W Star WiFi Wallpaper (3 side)

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  1. 친구, 너의 블로그를 참 멋있다... I'm use samsung right now... So, can I grab one? Ouh yeah,, Please follow back my blog... Thank's and let's be friend?

  2. 안녕하세요,
    감사합니다~~ >.<
    ofcourse you can.. it's free!!! ㅋㅋㅋ
    what type of samsung do you have?
    ok, I'll... :)

  3. 답글
    1. ouch~ sorry, click right mouse, "ok" and then click one more time, "check the box" and click one more time, jjang~~ you can save the pic :)


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