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Korean "Hi" and "good bye" wallpaper (for mobile phone)

hi, I was finally able to write again on this blog ~ kyaaa, i'm very happy ~ ~ >.<
 it's because my internet can't longer be used~~ huhu T__Tah, my friend from Korea gave a very good site ..so, I upload what I have found there ... kkkkthese pictures below is a picture I thought to start-up and shut down for the Korean mobile phone brand 240x320 pixels (I don't really know), because my mobile phone is also a start up and shut down imagenya (korean brand LG lollipop ver. ^^), so maybe the pictures below are used for it ~ hehehe
or if your mobile don't have any application like that, you can use this image for your wallpaper ^ ^ remember, for 240x320 pixels
enjoy, and do not forget to give Comment ~ ^ ^

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  1. what is the website that your korean friend give you? can i know please~~ ^^

  2. Hi, I'm so sorry to tell you, but I lost my link T__T is that so I can't post any korean wallpaper anymore...
    if you can type in korean you can visit daum cafe in naver.com
    type 핸드폰 배경화면 공유카페
    than k for visiting my blog ^^


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