10. 7. 31.

Cute Korean Ringtone ^^

안녕하세요~~~ ^^

I just wanna shared what I get from surfing until have a gag because of too long in front of my PC, uuhh~~ and my back~(just like an older people, kkkk)

so, I wanna shared a korean ringtones~ there cute ringtones with korean dialogue~~ >.< 응~~!! 촣아요~~~~

check for this link
Cute Korean Ringtones

and this link more cutest because there Hongki, Seungri and a cute kid sound~~ >.<

klink this Link

ok, that it, I just can shared 2 links, because I just like them, for the other, hmm, I'm not to like it~ kkkkk

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  1. cute~~ hehehe
    thank, I like the "3 bears" song ^^V

  2. muchas gracias lo staba buscando saludos !!!!

  3. hi.. have you watched ojakgyo brothers? i bet yes cause i heard its popular.... i'm interested on the 2nd sons ringtone... ep 1 part 1 (dramacrazy.net) can u help me find a link? thanks a bunch
    (chingsshi@facebook.com) tnx much again =]

    1. i don't know hhehe..
      may be i can search it^^

  4. hi,do you know the msg ringtone that yoona used in love rain? =)

  5. hi, do you have the msg ringtone that yoona used in love rain? =)


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